Claypave is an Australian company privately owned and operated by a small group of “hands on” people. We specialise in the manufacture of clay pavers, and are the market leaders in paver quality, service and innovation. Our extensive product range includes Domestic and Commercial Pavers, Large Format Pavers, Refractory Bricks and Accessories.

The company made a strategic decision to focus primarily on the manufacturing of quality pavers. This proved so successful and demand grew so dramatically that we were able to build the first dedicated, state of the art paving factory in Australia in 1988. Demand continued to grow so dramatically that it was decided to again increase our production capacity. The opening of our second tunnel kiln and dryer in 1994 effectively doubled our production capacity enabling us to cope with the increased demands for our products.

Changes in consumer trends to larger format pavers has meant that Claypave further expanded its production capabillites to enable the production of 300 x 300mm pavers. Innovation and improvement are driving forces at Claypave and in 2005 we installed state-of-the-art robotics and presses to enable us to make repressed 400 x 400mm and 300 x 300mm pavers – a WORLD FIRST!!! 

Product Description

Claypave pavers are among the world’s best.

Claypave uses local clays, and fires with natural gas, so our pavers are gentle on the environment. The warm natural colours are exactly that – natural. There are no artificial colouring agents or dyes added. The colours are a result of the natural clay and the temperatures at which they are fired. They will never fade.

Claypave continually ensure that our large and varied range provides stylish, elegant and practical solutions to every situation. Our latest extension to the large format choice available is just another demonstration of this commitment.

Proudly Australian Claypave pavers are sought after by the world at large. We export to Japan, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States. Your Claypave project is in world class company!


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