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FunderMax – “For people who create”

Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always to be found at the interface between ideas and materials. We understand architects, processors and the furniture industry – as well as the genuine decision-makers: your customers.

Product Description

FunderMax Exterior Cladding & Laminates is a high-quality construction product that is available in large format panels for Cladding balconies and building facades.

FUNDERMAX Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) in accordance with EN 438-6 Type EDF with an extremely effective weather protection. This weather protection consists of double-hardened acrylic PUR resins.They are produced in a lamination press under great pressure and high temperature. This serves to make an extremely tough panel, with a highly scratch and dent resistant surface.

High weather resistance
High Scratch Resistance
Extremely high solvent resistance
Impact resistant
High mechanical strength (no risk of breaking)

Exterior Project

Exterior Wall Cladding